Workshops & Speaking

734118_10151643651851695_543388055_nOur workshops provide an informative, supportive and fun group environment to explore professional development topics. At AWC, we believe that adult learning is most powerful in settings that are interactive and experiential. We also emphasize the importance of finding concrete takeaways that can be implemented immediately through the action planning component of our programs.

Our content has been delivered in organizations, unversity-based Executive Education programs and at industry association events.

Michelle developed and led several workshops on Personal Branding for women leaders of private equity and law firm clients. Sessions were featured in “Chipping Away at the Glass Ceiling in Private Equity” in DealBook/New York Times.

Clients may choose from sample topics below. We enjoy partnering with our clients to customize existing programs or design from scratch, with the goal of best meeting participants’ needs.

Sample Topics:

Networking Strategies to Make it Productive & Enjoyable

We all know that the size and quality of one’s network is a key factor in career success. Yet, when you hear the term “networking” do you cringe? Do you envision walking into a room full of people you don’t know, and don’t know what to do with, and then imagine wanting to run for the door? Many people have a negative association when it comes to networking, but it does not have to be that way. In this interactive workshop, come learn strategies for expanding and deepening the key relationships that contribute to your success. You will walk away with a personalized networking plan for yourself, and action items you can implement immediately.

Managing Your Leadership Journey

This workshop is designed for women at mid-career and beyond who would like to create a roadmap to guide their career going forward. The ability to design and navigate a stimulating and meaningful career (which fits into one’s life) is a key competency for today’s leaders. This involves being able to articulate one’s own definition of success and manage the external and internal obstacles encountered along the way. Yet, most people do not create the time in their busy lives to do the necessary career visioning and planning. Through a series of self-assessment exercises, we reflect on where you’ve been during the various chapters of your leadership journey (both highs and lows), and look ahead at your desired future milestones. We identify what the enablers of your success will be and what potential obstacles could get in the way. In particular we consider recent research about how women can maintain and build confidence during times of change and professional growth. You will walk away with a “Career Roadmap” document that can be implemented immediately. (Optional pre-reads can be provided to attendees.)

Define, Refine & Leverage Your Personal Brand

Today’s business environment is characterized by profound shifts in both the workforce and the workplace. Constant change and increasing complexity within organizations has resulted in the need for successful individuals to proactively self-manage their careers in ways never necessary before. The ability to define and leverage one’s Personal Brand is a key strategy tool to navigate contemporary careers.  During lunch and an informal discussion, come learn the how’s and why’s of expressing and managing your Personal Brand, both internally and externally.  In addition to the benefit of networking with other professional women, you will walk away with knowledge of Personal Branding strategy and insight into the elements of your own brand.

Discover & Use Your Strengths

Research over the past 10 years has shown that awareness of your own strengths leads to greater self-confidence, life achievement and mental wellness. Prior to the session, participants will take Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0, a scientifically-grounded online assessment which has been taken by over 2 million people in 34 languages. During the workshop, participants will learn more about strengths-theory, begin to understand their individual profile and how to apply this knowledge in their careers and life. Working with their individual assessment results, each person will reflect on examples of when they have used their strengths in the past, and will identify where they can apply them in a current situation/opportunity. They will then create a strengths-based action plan that they can execute. Time permitting, participants may work in small breakout groups part of the time, which is great for developing networking relationships.

Developing a Concise & Inspiring Action Plan

Based on One Page Business Plan® for Women in Business by Jim Horan & Tamara Monosoff.  Whether one is leading a team, launching a project or exploring career options, a written plan serve as a blueprint to capture what you are building, how you will do it and how the results will be measured along the way. And as work and life inevitably get busy, the plan will be the GPS that pulls you back to the intentions you set and the specific results you are working towards. Keep in mind that plans can be used for any project or goal. In this program, participants will see how important a concise plan is, and address any fears or self-limiting beliefs that have stopped them from planning and staying in momentum. We will create a 5 category plan covering the vision, mission, strategies, measureable objectives and high-payoff action items necessary to keep the progress moving along.  Participants will get concrete guidance and support to write, revise and implement their plan, and will leave with increased clarity and motivation.


What People Are Saying:

"Michelle was fantastic to work with--we provided her a very general overview of what our organizations goals and objectives were for an interactive workshop and she delivered beyond our expectations. The programming and materials were information, interactive, and enjoyable and the feedback from attendees very positive. I'd highly recommend Michelle's skills and knowledge in developing workshops and events, and hope to work with her again in the future."

Mary Robinson, Policy Manager, The Structured Finance Industry Group, Inc.