Individual Coaching


In addition to organizational executive coaching clients, individuals also come to us directly seeking help in navigating the opportunities and challenges of their careers. Individual coaching, tailored to your needs, allows you to take stock of your current professional and personal circumstances, set concrete goals for the future, identify barriers and how to overcome them, and develop the action plans to follow. Our coaches provide the step-by-step support and accountability to help you get to where you want to be.

Our individual clients include: 

Women Inside Organizations

By the time you have reached mid-career and beyond, you are in a special place; no longer young and inexperienced, and still far from the end of your career. This phase has been called “middle-essence”- a unique time in your professional life, typically filled with many questions and challenges:

  • Is this the right professional path for me? If not, what’s next?
  • What is an effective, yet authentic, leadership style for me?
  • How do I manage all of my work relationships?
  • How do I keep up my energy and interest without burning out?
  • Am I giving enough time to everything outside of my work life?
  • Which personal goals I have put off?

Coaching is the perfect vehicle to explore where you are now and what’s next for you professionally. Learn how to take your next step.

ReEntry after A Career Break

You have put your career on pause and are exploring a return to paid work. Often times the process of re-establishing one’s professional identity can be overwhelming. Our coaching can provide answers to the following questions:

  • How can I figure out what really want in a job or career?
  • If I don’t go back to what I did before, where else should I go?
  • What else am I qualified for?
  • I’ve been away from work for so long. How will I jump back in?
  • Am I being the role model I want to be for my kids?
  • How will I fit work into my life? How will it impact both the long and short term?

Our coaching can help you find the clarity you need. Learn how to take your next step


The groundwork for private coaching takes place during 1-2 introductory Foundation Sessions, during which we identify the themes and set the goals for the coaching engagement.  We recommend these goals be aligned with the performance objective for your position or business, as well as the personal goals you have for yourself.

Thereafter, coaching typically takes place by phone or in person, twice a month for 45-minute or 60-minute sessions. Our relationship and schedule will be customized to suit your needs.

You’ll bring a topic to address each session, and while addressing that specific issue we will always be connecting that topic back to your longer-term goals.  You’ll leave each session with specific action items to accomplish, inquiries to consider, and accountability measures between you and your coach. Between sessions, your coach will support you through email and brief phone calls as needed.

For maximum impact, a minimum 3-6 month commitment is strongly recommended. For clients with very specific short-term goals, individual drop-in sessions are available.