Group Coaching Programs

A photo of manager explaining project to executives. Businesswomen are discussing over model at desk in office. Professionals are at brightly lit workplace.

AWC’s group coaching programs are professionally designed and facilitated by expert executive coaches. Group coaching offers organizations a cost-effective way to develop leaders through action-oriented learning communities, or cohorts, of 6-12 members.

Individual members benefit from the chance to a part of a cohort where they can think strategically (vs. daily fire-fighting) and learn from peers who are equally motivated and committed to each other’s success. Each member sets their own goals, take risks, and gains honest yet supportive feedback from their peers and coach. It is not uncommon to see deep, trusting relationships develop – benefiting both the organization and individual participants.

For additional insight into the value of cohort-based coaching, please see the Harvard Business Review article entitled: For Professionals Returning to Work, There’s Power in the Cohort. Michelle’s work with a cohort at JP Morgan is featured in this piece.