Michelle Quoted in the Media

Forte Foundation Blog, April 2018
How to Defend Against the Subtle Sexism in Today’s Workplaces
Read this terrific synopsis of a webinar Michelle delivered to over 600 people on International Women’s Day in March 2018 entitled Is it Just Me? Recognizing and Overcoming Unconscious Bias at Work. You can also listen to the webinar here.

iRelaunch blog, April 2018
iRelaunch Team Spotlight: Michelle Friedman
Michelle serves as a Special Advisor to iRelaunch and enjoys partnering on a number of initiatives. On their website, iRelaunch profiles the personal stories of their team members and Michelle was happy to contribute hers.

Irish Times (also ran concurrently in the Financial Times), January 2018
Could Flying Nannies Be The Answer to Keeping Women in The Workplace?
In order to attract and retain more female investment professionals, global private equity firms have been rolling out innovative policies benefiting expectant and new mothers (as well as longer paternity leave for new dads). This article refers to benefits introduced at Apax Partners and KKR, representing a small part of the results from consulting Michelle provided to these firms.

Working Mother, January 2018
Mothers Are Particularly Prone to ‘Blindsiding’ at Work, and We’re Not Helping Ourselves
A “blindsider” has the tendency to formulate and make conclusions about an idea before the recipient has the chance to process the information, potentially leaving the other person feeling ambushed. Michelle offers 5 strategies to help you to communicate more productively with colleagues, supervisors or potential employers, and avoid being a “blindsider”.

Dow Jones Moneyish, November 2017
Here’s How to Manage Your Boss Like a Boss
Michelle discusses the value of learning how to align with your boss including understanding how they communicate, what motivates them and awareness of their most important goals. Taking a close look at your boss’ style can provide cues into how best to work with them and ensure success for both of you.

Dow Jones Moneyish, November 2017
Should You Ever Leave a Job in a Blaze or Glory?
Some toy with the idea of taking a controversial public stand as they leave a job. In this article Michelle illuminates the various outcomes that might result and two important questions: will this change history or ruin your reputation?

Grand Central Tech Blog, September 2017
Transcending Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
Unlike the past, sexism in today’s workplace is more often subtle than overt which can make it more difficult to recognize and overcome. In Michelle’s recent talk at Grand Central Tech, she helped participants understand unconscious bias and provided tips for overcoming it.

Dow Jones Moneyish, September 2017
What the White House’s Newest Enforcer Gets Right and Wrong About Management

Michelle was asked to comment on the unconscious bias women can sometimes face when they need to strongly assert themselves. This article also offers concrete ways to be strong and respected.

Soundcloud, May 2017
Getting Your Family Involved in Your Relaunch
In this podcast, Michelle talks with iRelaunch CEO Carol Fishman Cohen about how best to approach your relaunch plans with your family. Carol and Michelle explore both conceptual and practical ways to deal with some of the most common issues in returning to work for family life including household management, your partner’s career goals, and dealing with the loss of time at home and with children.

FundFire, (Financial Times service), March 2017
Alts Shops Slowly Open Paths to Pros Returning to Industry
Alternatives firms have been slower to examine or adapt reentry programs, but we are starting to see some interest from private equity firms and hedge funds. In this article, Michelle comments on developments in this space.

Parent.co, December 2016
Episode 4 of the “Where Was I…?” Podcast

Michelle was interviewed for Episode 4 of the Parent.co podcast series about various exercises to build clarity when taking the first steps toward a return to work outside of the home. (Prior 2 episodes in the series feature Anne-Marie Slaughter and Amy Cuddy!)

Grown and Flown on Facebook Live, November 2016
Back to Work and Changing Careers – Bring Us Your Questions
Watch this video where Michelle and Grown & Flown co-Founder Lisa Heffernan discuss going back to work or changing careers.

iRelaunch Blog, November 2016
How Should I Deal With “Relaunch Resistance” From My Family?
You’re going back to work but your family is concerned about how this will change life at home. In this article Michelle gives practical tips for making this transition smooth for both you and your family.

The Wall Street Journal, September 2016
High Finance and Family-Friendly? KKR Is Trying
This piece was one of 12 articles featured in a WSJ Special Report entitled “Women in the Workplace”. It offers a peek into culture change consulting Michelle has provided to premier Private Equity firm KKR. The firm acknowledges that this is a long-term effort, as culture is not easy to change. Read here about some of KKR’s early wins.

The Wall Street Journal, September 2016
The Benefits of a Parental-Leave Prep Course
This piece was also one of the 12 articles featured in a WSJ Special Report entitled “Women in the Workplace”. Read about how Michelle is providing specialized consulting and coaching which helps retain and promote women—and gets fathers more comfortable with taking weeks or months of parental leave.

Après Blog, September 2016
What Does a Career Break Really Cost?
It’s a familiar debate: Does it make sense to go back to work if you will break even or even lose money after the cost of childcare? In this article, Michelle explains why you must take way more into account when doing the math. And remember, over time childcare costs go down while salaries go up!

iRelaunch Blog, June 2016
How to Improve Your Job-Search Tactics
“I have sent my resume to so many places.  Why haven’t I heard from anyone?” Michelle answers this common question with solid advice to move your search forward.

Forté Foundation Business 360°, April 2106
How to Keep Your Career on Track When Work & Life Collide
Michelle moderated this live panel webinar hosted by Forté. Read here about tips that were offered by panelists from Goldman Sachs, EY, Danone and iRelaunch. You can also access a recording of the webinar from this article.

Westchester Magazine, February 2016
“Returnships” Gaining Favor
The post-career-break internship isn’t just fodder for Hollywood comedies: it’s a growing trend. Michelle talks about the benefits of internships for job-seeker and employer.

iRelaunch Blog, December 2015
Relaunching Moms and Flying Nannies: There’s a Connection
Michelle shares her observations about how improved parental leave policies and the growth of corporate renetry programs are connected.

Return to Work Conference at Columbia University, October 2015
Michelle is a Special Advisor to iRelaunch. In this video, hear why Michelle thinks iRelaunch’s Annual iRelaunch Return to Work Conference at Columbia University is a great place to kick off a return to work (minute 2:12). You’ll also get a peek into what a day at the conference looks like.

Refinery 29, August 2015
The  Problem With This Common In-Office Relationship
She probably sits next to you. Maybe she joins you for walks to get coffee or grab lunch. She’s both your best resource for office gossip and your most trusted confidant. Michelle discusses the benefits and pitfalls of a “work wife”.

CNBC.com, May 2105
Looking to Rejoin the Workforce? Here’s a Game Plan.
Michelle discusses the importance of networking and how to position a career break.

The Scarsdale Inquirer, April 2015
Expert Advice for Women in Transition
A great recap of advice Michelle and other panelists offered at a recent event for women in transition.

Harvard Business Review, March 2015
For Professionals Returning to Work, There’s Power in the Cohort
Michelle discusses how valuable the cohort structure has been in organizational re-entry programs she has been involved in at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.“The cohort plays a critical role by providing peer support, a place where vulnerability can be expressed and shared, and a forum for exchanging advice on personal and professional challenges.”

The New York Times, March 2014
More Information for Women Looking to Get Back in the Work Force
How can women prepare for returning to work after taking a career break to care for children or aging parents? As we reported in the article, “New Programs Help Women Get Back In The Game,” a growing number of re-entry programs are now being offered to professional women on Wall Street and at big law firms. Explaining a career gap on a résumé is not the only challenge women face.

The Glass Hammer
Why Wall St. Wants You Back: Returning From a Career Break
Attention, downshifters: Wall Street wants you back. And they’re proving it with a plethora of returnship programs especially designed to appeal to those employees, especially women, who have taken a break and now are ready to jump back in.

Fortune Magazine, December 2013
4 Major Work Blunders to Avoid
When someone does you a favor, it’s important to acknowledge the effort. Of course, you should thank the person at the moment, but also keep the favor in mind as a guide for your future behavior.

Fortune Magazine, April 2012
Want a Promotion? Make Friends at Work.
Are you too busy to stop by your colleague’s office to chat or go to lunch? Or are you someone who keeps work relationships strictly business? Be warned: If you’re not reaching out to make and nurture friendships at work, you’re probably hurting your career.

Money Magazine
How to Change Your Name Without Hurting Your Career
When you accept the proposal, do you also take the name? Kim Kardashian, or should we say Mrs. West, has. The celebrity revealed her legal name change on Tuesday when she shared a new passport photo on Instagram.