Parental Transition Coaching



Invest in Your Working Parents

The years of childbearing and child raising – specifically the months surrounding parental leave – are challenging phases in a professional’s career. Career aspirations often collide with the practical realities of raising small children.

With respect to working women, research data shows that their retention rate following maternity leave drops. Proactively addressing these transitions can make a difference for organizations dedicated to building and maintaining a robust pipeline of women headed towards senior leadership roles. Creating a welcoming environment for parental leave to occur can greatly impact future retention and advancement of key talent. Organizations that offer valuable support to new parents have a competitive advantage in attracting the best new employees.

In addition, today’s progressive employers realize that working parenthood can no longer be thought of as only a “mommy issue”.

  • Parental Transition CoachingTransitions related to becoming a parent affect not only those giving birth, but also fathers, same-sex partners, and adoptive parents.
  • Managers also benefit from coaching so they are best prepared to support and work effectively with direct reports taking leave.

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