Happy Clients

I found my conversations with Michelle to be enlightening, inspiring, and without judgement.  Through the research of so many like herself,  Michelle gives women tangible data to demonstrate what we as individuals can control.  Armed with this information, I feel empowered to seek my own path. I genuinely appreciate the work Michelle does both inside the classroom and out.  I feel there is real work to be done and I pledge I will “pay it forward” as she has done for me.

Carrie Ward, Vice President of Operations
Major Brands Inc.

“Michelle Friedman is a skilled executive education instructor and dynamic workshop facilitator. We have worked with Michelle to develop a session in Olin Business School’s certificate program, the Women’s Leadership Forum. Michelle’s experience as both coach and facilitator enables her to provide a unique view of thoughtful career progression to program participants and the challenges they may face. The result is a workshop in which program participants not only set meaningful career goals for themselves, but also define the steps necessary to achieve those goals and develop a plan for accountability to keep themselves on track. Michelle is among our top-rated instructors in the program.”

Michele Ralston, Associate Director of Open Programs, Executive Education Programs
Washington University in St. Louis

“Michelle Friedman is a superb resource for professional coaching. She served as an invaluable source of objective support and advice in the navigation of an application for a new role. She recommended specific tasks in order to help me successfully realize my goals. She is adept at fine tuning how I presented myself, encouraging me to let go of a self-deprecating style that wasn’t serving me well in a more senior role. She’s super bright, personable and experienced in assisting others set and achieve professional goals. I highly recommend her if you’re serious about setting and achieving significant goals.”

Elizabeth Sanders, Chief Counsel – Transactions/M&A
Panasonic Corporation of North America

“Michelle’s passionate approach to coaching, mentoring, and guiding individuals and organizations to success is an inspiration. I had the pleasure of experiencing an unconscious bias session where Michelle captivated the audience with scientific evidence on how we think and the impact it has on business. Michelle is a transformational leader and is value added to any organization.”

Kate Migliaro, Director, Veterans & Diversity Initiatives
Apollo Global Management LLC

“Michelle has been part of the Wharton bench of coaches for a number of years, and has consistently received excellent feedback from the full-time MBAs that she has coached. And they have very high standards! In addition to being a skilled coach, Michelle has been a wonderful colleague: reliable, team player and a delight to work with.”

Colleen Bracken, Founder, Bracken Leadership Consulting and Lead Coach
Wharton ECFP Program

“Michelle is an expert in women’s advancement and work life issues. I really enjoyed working with her earlier this year when she developed a great webinar called “How to Keep Your Career on Track When Work and Life Collide” for Forte. In addition to thinking broadly about the webinar’s goals and impact, she also helped identify panelists, prep the panelists for the session and moderated the discussion. The session was well attended and received great feedback. I look forward to working with Michelle again in the future. “

Denise Montana, VP, Partnerships and Programs
é Foundation

“Michelle was invaluable in my career relaunch. Michelle established a framework and structure to my relaunch, and I gained confidence, stayed positive and on track. Michelle led me through an assessment to identify what content, control, culture and compensation I wanted in a new career and helped me stay focused on identifying appropriate positions and industries. Michelle helped me channel family support and remove personal obstacles to change. I look forward to working with Michelle throughout my career and highly recommend her for women wanting to make an adjustment in their work-life balance.”

Susan Cramer, VP, Strategy and Compliance Officer
Goldman Sachs

“You should know that I was apparently an outside chance for this going in to the process because of all the noise around me. But you prepped me so well that apparently I interviewed so well that I moved into front place. Also, there is general agreement that I have really turned the corner on getting along with people. They are seeing genuine improvement.”

Managing Director
JP Morgan

“Michelle was fantastic to work with–we provided her a very general overview of what our organizations goals and objectives were for an interactive workshop and she delivered beyond our expectations. The programming and materials were information, interactive, and enjoyable and the feedback from attendees very positive. I’d highly recommend Michelle’s skills and knowledge in developing workshops and events, and hope to work with her again in the future.”

Mary Robinson, Policy Manager
Structured Finance Industry Group, Inc.

“Michelle recently presented a workshop on Strengths-Based Leadership to our Board. The workshop focused on how each member of the Board could use her individual strengths to work together as a Board during the upcoming year and to lead the organization. Michelle was articulate, insightful, extremely professional, prepared and motivating. Each member of the Board left the training feeling empowered and confident in their ability to lead. As a Board, we felt as if we had really learned about one another and how we can use our strengths to work together in the upcoming year. Her presentation far exceeded my expectations for the retreat. We look forward to welcoming Michelle this year to present a training to the entire membership of our organization.”

Lynn Marvin, Attorney
Jones Day & President of Junior League of Central Westchester

“Thank you for working with the Gerstein Fisher leadership team. The team found your techniques around communictation, organizational models, team formation, and goals and priority setting extremely useful. Your expertise and guidance at our offsite helped make the team feel comfortable enough to have an open and honest conversation and prioritize the work that needs to be done. Your technique of gathering data and classifying it into an organizational model was very helpful. Within just three weeks of the offsite, the Leadership Team rolled out a Sales Dashboard and developed a system to track referrals, both of which will impact sales. We are excited about the strides we have made and will continue to make organizationally with the help of your excellent coaching.”

Gregg Fisher, CFA, CFP, Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Gerstein Fisher

“Michelle is amazing. By and large our sessions have helped me to identify personal goals and realize them. I find our sessions to be rewarding and stimulating and when I leave, I often find that what we discussed sparks real and lengthy conversations with other people in my life both inside Wharton and outside the bubble. She is an amazing listener and often reflects back issues or thoughts that I had not yet identified.”

Wharton’s “Executive Coaching & Feedback Program”

“I have been a working with Michelle for just under a year. She is been committed to understanding my organizational context, organizational goals and personal aspirations as she designed our coaching relationship. She challenged me to think deeply about myself, and to reflect on the areas where I am most successful to help me leverage these strengths to support areas where I could benefit from development. Additionally, Michelle has been an amazing thought partner. She creates time and space for me to share my professional challenges in order to co-construct solutions. I have found her coaching to be inspiring and thought-provoking.”

Teimosa Martin, M.Ed., Executive Director
ANet | Achievement Network

“Your session with our Morgan Stanley Return to Work program was so beneficial. I have re-read my notes from our talk and they have been re-assuring and inspiring. Thank you for your valuable coaching and insight.”

Morgan Stanley ReEntry Program

“Michelle Friedman’s superb facilitation skills enabled our team to get maximum productivity from our company retreat. What started out as a tangle of priorities and objectives ended with a sense of clarity about our long and short term goals. This process was enormously helpful to me and to our team and we credit Michelle for guiding us through. “

Carol Fishman Cohen, Co-Founder
iRelaunch and Co-author of “Back on the Career Track”

“Our mentoring group was immensely helpful, and you really did a tremendous job of getting us on track. Thank you so much!”

Cohort Coaching Program

“The benefits of coaching with Michelle have been very powerful. I began working with Michelle when I constantly found myself challenged with juggling career, parenting and daily life demands. She thoughtfully guided me to focus on measurable tasks and recommit to important areas of my life, including health and organization of our busy household. We began by making simple changes and carving out time for things that mattered most to me. Working together created much needed order, which freed me up to be more creative in other aspects of my life and more emotionally present for my family. Since working with Michelle, I have learned a great deal about myself and have developed important new skills to lead a more focused and fulfilled life.”

Clinical Social Worker

“In a short amount of time working with Michelle, I have acted on key career decisions that have enabled me to live with much more intention and control. As someone who constantly feels like life is on “fast forward” and trying to slow down, Michelle has coached me to reflect on my choices and identify what is most important at this time in my work and life. I now consciously seek out the professional work I want to be doing and am able to confidently say no when I need to, allowing me to be more present both in the office and with my family. As a result, life feels rich and full with a greater sense of balance.”

Canadian Public Sector Litigation Counsel

“Michelle leads our return-to-work coaching groups in NYC. I have been impressed with the depth and breadth of her knowledge, her insights with our individual clients, and her ideas for product improvement. I give her my highest recommendation for her excellent work and am happy to speak with companies or individuals who are considering engaging her.”

Carol Fishman Cohen, Co-Founder
iRelaunch and Co-author of “Back on the Career Track”

“Michelle, You are a fabulous coach. I loved your focus, and expertise on mid-career women, dealing with all the anxieties, recognizing the need for support and camaraderie. What I also loved was the support from the other women. I must say I’ve belonged to other women’s groups, and I dropped out of them because of the lack of support.
Keep up your tremendous work.”

Kathleen Camilli, Founder and Principal
Camilli Economics, LLC

“I worked with Michelle for over a year to help me build my solo-preneur business. During that time she was a consistently positive, encouraging, inspirational source of motivation for me. She helped me set and achieve goals for my business and overcome some of my own limiting factors. I would recommend Michelle quite highly as a career coach, especially for women looking to build (or re-build) careers!”

Molly Penn
Penn Consulting, LLC

“Thanks so much for carving out time for us and giving those who attended a real moment to pause/reflect. We’ve received very positive and thoughtful feedback from the session and believe there’s appetite for more.”

HR Professional
Private Equity Firm

“I have been getting very positive feedback from last night. Thank you again for helping us think more about these issues and providing a place where we could start the discussion.”

Managing Director
Private Equity Firm

“I have gleaned more thought-provoking information from you since January than I have from all of my other coaches put together. (Perhaps it’s telling that you are the only woman among them.) I’m done shopping. I want that flow of energy, information and active engagement to continue through to its natural conclusion.”

Attorney in transition to Management Consultant

“I also wanted to thank you again for your excellent coaching advice throughout the iRelaunch program. The meetings were very helpful and you did a wonderful job of facilitating the discussion and leading the group to new levels.”

Cohort Coaching Program

“It has been a pleasure to work with Michelle over the past six months. I am a male who is in transition from financial services to teaching, mentoring young people and executive education. Michelle has provided outstanding guidance, with grounded, practical steps and a supportive approach. I have always felt a strong alignment between our objectives throughout this process. Her range of understanding and sensitivity is excellent and I have found her be a person of great integrity. I would recommend that men as well as women, who are in transition consider working with her – all of us can benefit from the insights!”

Senior Financial Services Professional in transition to Education

“Thanks to you and my coaching calls, I will be leaving my unsatisfying job in October and I hope to move on to something more fulfilling!! I so enjoyed participating in your July workshop and I learned a lot about myself and my life.”

Jennifer Schmelkin
Social Worker

“The best part of the program was Michelle Friedman. She is really good at getting everyone out of their shell and ensuring the group stays on track to achieve the goals of the circle while also understanding that the participants were at various levels of job search readiness.”

Cohort Coaching Program

“Michelle is excellent at driving discussions and getting key elements out of them to make me think about how to improve and be proactive on critical items.”

Wharton’s “Executive Coaching & Feedback Program”

“Michelle Friedman was able to lay down my convoluted leadership experiences into themes and actionable items. I was able to apply our discussions’ takeaways while managing junior interns during my summer internship and believe I’ve shifted my leadership style for the better.”

Wharton’s “Executive Coaching & Feedback Program”

“As we move on to the next phase of coaching, I want to tell you how much I appreciate the coaching work we are doing together. The tools and encouragement to use a simple framework for networking conversations and create a networking plan are helping me move forward and make exciting changes that I might otherwise have stumbling blocks to just go and do.”

Organizational Consulting Firm

“Michelle has been coaching me through a period of exploration as I evaluate my professional goals, my parenting priorities and my commitment to my community. Michelle’s natural curiosity and strong listening skills make her easy to talk to but it’s her focus that makes her special. She asks the right questions and leads me, gently, towards new ways of thinking about old problems. She helps me organize my thoughts, identify my strengths and challenge my perspective. As a result, I am empowered with a fresh outlook and a positive attitude, and ready to take productive action. Michelle’s warmth, insightfulness and a positive spirit make her a valued partner in living a balanced, purposeful life.”

Graphic Designer

“Michelle is excellent at analyzing and getting right to the points that need to be discussed. She is a pleasant person to interact with and her extensive experience has been very beneficial.”

Wharton’s “Executive Coaching & Feedback Program”

“I am so grateful to have debriefs with Michelle every couple of months. We have great discussions and I always leave enthused and challenged to work on my homework. I have found her to be really helpful in providing good feedback and perspective on my progression at Wharton.”

Wharton’s “Executive Coaching & Feedback Program”