What is Parental Transition Coaching?

Mother bonding with young son sitting in a hammock

Parental Transition Coaching is a highly-effective, specialized form of executive coaching designed to help expectant parents and their managers navigate the often complicated phases before, during, and after parental leave.  It keeps careers on track and teams working well together.

Benefits to All Parties

For Employees: Expectant & New Parents

Timely guidance in confidential, structured, and supportive environments. Sessions include expert executive coaching tools and techniques, customized exploration, assessment, and action planning. We believe all parents, whether taking Primary Leave or Non-Primary Leave, substantially benefit from the time to focus on the significant career + life transition: moving from “working person” to “working parent”. 

For Managers

Greater understanding of how to support their employee’s transition, and the team’s work overall. Also an opportunity to learn more about their company’s approach to parental leave.

For The Organization

Increased communication and trust; employee productivity; loyalty and commitment; and retention rates. All of these benefits come at a time when organizations can be particularly vulnerable to losing diverse talent.



Typical topics addressed

  • Immediate and longer-term career planning and navigation – keeping careers on track and advancing according to each person’s definition of success
  • Smooth handoff of work before leave, and reverse handoff upon return
  • Level of communication with work desired during leave
  • Time/energy management
  • Re-alignment of expectations and priorities
  • Communication/relationships with manager and other key stakeholders (work and home)
  • Integration of new responsibilities in and out of the office
  • Co-parenting and sharing of responsibilities
  • Prevention of burnout
  • Troubleshooting obstacles

What We Offer

Coaching and consulting support is available in a variety of forms to best suit our clients’ needs and preferences.

  • 1-1 Coaching – For private, individually tailored assessment, goal development, and transition guidance. Offered to expectant/new parents and their managers.
  • Workshops – For interactive, collaborative support in a confidential, informal small group setting of up to 12 participants. Separate group sessions designed for 1) expectant parents, 2) new parents, and 3) managers.
  • Webinars – To accommodate business scheduling needs and larger, geographically dispersed audiences. Separate webinars designed for 1) expectant parents, 2) new parents, and 3) managers.
  • Ongoing cohort programs – For groups of up to 12 new parents, ongoing coaching support beyond their initial return to work.
  • Organizational consulting – To help organizations create progressive approaches to parental leave – promoting positive culture change.